So many people have given time, energy and passion to the SpinOut concept, and we have been lucky to have so many supporters. Whilst essential SpinOut has been my passion, but there's been a lot of people who have helped or made a contribution in one way or another over the years since inception date. Here's a few, sorry if we have missed out anyone.

We had lots of helpers / employees over the years, each and everyone has put it something unique.

+ Keegan
+ Shinaz
+ Morelle
+ Stacey
+ Glenn
+ Maxine
+ Laz
+ Emma

Friends & supporters

+ Josh Adler
+ Dave Lorriman
+ Morgan aka Morgales
+ Antoine aka Skye
+ Wayne Ellis Lee
+ Jeff Flecther
+ Brett Jackson

+ Jacky Cresteil
+ Craig Shacid
+ Nelio de Freitas
+ Cuddlefish
+ Patrick aka DJP Inishi8
+ DJ Fresh + YFM

Thanks again!


Bruce Gillespie



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