Press Release
3rd February 2002


The SpinOut DJ Skool


SpinOut is offering 10 lucky young people a free 3-month DJ course. The course is aimed at talented & aspiring DJ's, particularly those who would not be able to afford to attend a commercial course. The curriculum is comprehensive and covers the all the necessary theoretical and practical aspects of Deejaying, as well as music technology & sound production.

Applications close on the 16th February and the course begins on Saturday the 9th March. Forms are available from the MilkyWay Internet Café in Yeoville or on-line on the SpinOut home page. The selection will be done by a panel of experienced DJ's and will be on merit. Every effort will be made to accommodate people from the outlying areas.

SpinOut is a project of the MilkyWay Foundation, a non-profit organisation. It's aim is to promote unity and development amongst the youth through dance culture. Primarily we work with up & coming DJ's in exposing them to new technology, offering them a venue to develop their skills as well as networking them to the scene. SpinOut was founded in 1996 and meets every Friday night at the MilkyWay Internet Café in Yeoville, where DJ Sets are broadcast live on the Internet. The SpinOut DJ Skool is organised and run by volunteers with material assistance from the MilkyWay Foundation. This course is being organised with assistance from the Mbk Productions crew.

For more information contact Shinaz Toffie at (011) 487-1340 or go to the SpinOut home page on www.spinout.org.za


The Milkyway Internet Cafe