The SpinOut DJ Skool 2003

Our mission: Spread the good vibes!

The Idea

Find a group of deserving keen music loving teenagers dreaming of life as a DJ and/or an electronic musician, invite them to spend two weeks at the SpinOut Lounge practising the art of mixing on decent equipment, lay on some hands-on tutoring, provide assistance for transport, rope in everyone you know to help out and hope it all ends the year of 2003 on a high note.


The Students

We had over 200 applications and it was really difficult not to accommodate everyone however we made a plan and accepted 70 people, of which 55 have registered. We split them up into three groups for Hands On sessions, and have group sessions every Saturday, where we have formal presentations and workshops.

Here is the Student List.

The Course

It runs over two weeks from December the 6th. Here is the time table

Student Web Links

Here's a list of web sites with resources we recommend the students take a look at

The Gallery

Take a look at these pics to see what a good time we all had!

The Crew

Bruce - Organiser
Shinaz - Convenor
Dakalo - General Assistance
Keegan - Hands-on Tutor


Wayne Ellis Lee - The Decks www.thedecks.co.za
Hands on DJ Technology ie Turntables, correct setup, FAQ for needles

Josh Adler - Music Industry Online www.mio.co.za
Music tech for recording, promotion and distribution
PR & Marketing.

Jeff Fletcher aka Splonge
Electronic Music Production

Morgan Bleasdale aka Morgales
Hands on House Music - mixing techniques

The Science of Sound

Caroline aka C4
Talked about making a DJ Career and mix us up a few tunes


  • The contributors above who gave their time
  • DJ Fresh & YFM for the publicity

The sponsors:

  • Vinyl Addiction Rich, Craig, Brett thanks for the tunes for the students
    In Randburg, fresh range of music and friendly service

  • Dave Lorriman from DJ Store Gave us a discount on a new mixer

  • PCB Technologies - sponsorship of the MilkyWay Foundation and the whole course;

  • The SpinOut crew: Shinaz, Keegan, Dakalo


SpinOut is a project of the MilkyWay Foundation

The DJ Skool was sponsored by PCB Technologies (Pty) Ltd


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