Rustler's Valley Easter Festival 1999



SpinOut in conjunction with Challan Productions
(aka Bruce, Allan & Charlie)
organised a House tent
at the 1999 Rustler's Easter Festival

Well, put it this way, the Rustler's organisers gave us a tent:,
we brought everything else down from Joburg (including generators)

On arriving we located a brilliant spot for the tent, but Frik just
wouldn't have us there. After unpacking the truck we were
'relocated' down the hill where the booming bass bins
wouldn't drown out the Comet Cafe (top left).
L-2-R: Skinny, Charlie, Allan, Phillip and Danny.
Note the pillows on the rhs: they belonged to RaveSafe,
and four of them were stolen on the last night :(


The weather was awesome, and so was the festival.



We rigged up an FM x-mitter
- Radio Deep Space -
thanks Charlie for mounting the antenna


The line-up of house DJ's worked exceptionally well -
it was mostly hard house and the tent rocked.
Richard, Antoine, Gareth, Allan (L), and Nick (R)
produced the goods



Richard has come a long way since
his first SpinOut - he mixing skills
are excellent, not to mention his tunes !


The bushman used to call storm clouds like these rain animals.
This was our (NetRaver) campsite: it waz so kool having
music beamed up by Deep Space radio pumping out of
a few car boots. Wayne and Natasja:
The Space Station tent is in the middle left.



Shanna delivered a Techno set late on Sat night.


During the day, Charlie took to the CDJ's with slow funk and
ambient grooves. Bruce also got a chance with his chill box -
his only comment was "shit, were did those six hours go ?"


Rakhim and Yassir spun some deep
house on the Sunday afternoon -
good enough reason to party ?


We ran a small bar - under the management of Glenn (center)
Was this before or after his drink got spiked ?


Thanks to PCB Technologies and Allan Lorriman for the
sponsorship, as well as Charlie for his help and wonderous chill room.
Oh, he is a good truck driver as well :)

To the DJ's that played: thanks for coming down,
and thanks for the party !


And even more thanks to everyone else that helped ,
especially those who helped pack up !

All photo's copyright Bruce Gillespie who also did the copy & layout