Brett Jackson DJ workshop

Saturday 28th February 2004


Brett Jackson very kindly dropped by the Cafe
for a SpinOut DJ Workshop
on Saturday the 28h February 2004.

We spent the first 30 mins chatting to him about his roots,
his style of music and the secrets of his success
which he happily shared with us.

After the big raves in the late 90's Brett homed in on Deep House as his first love
in terms of dance music. He taught himself how to DJ after leaving school.
Whilst working selling DJ and music equipment, Brett built up a contacts,
made a few mix CD's and persevered for gigs.

It didn't take long for promoters and clubs owners
to take to his unique sound which filled grooving dance floors.
He landed a residency at Gass/Therapy. With his
dictinctive sound, Brett built up a following.

He hooked up with a manager to take care of
all the bookings and payments, and agreed that a good manager
makes all the difference and allows him to get on with what he loves,
needless to say that's DJing and rocking dance floors
around the country. His calender is now full almost every
weekend often with two or three gigs a night.

He currently works at a record shop (Vinyl Addiction)
which is also an excellent spot for networking
and getting his hands on the latest tunes.

After the Q'n'A session, Brett spun us a 45 min set
which left everyone really impressed.

It's not only his music & DJ skills that impress us,
it's his attitude and his professionalism.
We wish more success in the future.

Here's the pics







Many thanks to Brett for his generosity and professionalism
as well as Shackleton-Gill Productions for making Brett available.
Keegan Martin must also be thanked for making the regular DJ Clinic a success.



All pics © Bruce Gillespie


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