Wild Waters
(aka Boksburg-by-the-sea)

30th September 2001

Big Brother Productions

1 -Time!
2 -Brothers with Big hearts
3 -x we heard 'Rapture"
4 -Dance floors, all cooking
5 -Star Party by most accounts
6 -Jumbo jets flew overhead on short final
7 -Months since the last H20 - a long wait
8 -lots of those curvalicious figures around
9ty-nine percent umlungus? doesn't have to be..
10 out of 10 for H20 from the SpinOut crew



Hands-in-the-air & fun-in-the-Sun, the view from the DJ box



where our friend Skye did very well



And it all was going down at the girly "Bitch" floor
Lea, Kate et al were gr8



Never mind the great weather



A good time was had by all


Roll on Summer 2001!



All pics © Bruce Gillespie 2001


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