SpinOut Josh Wink Workshop
31st December 2002


The workshop was attended by over 40 people and was held in the
SpinOut Lounge at the MilkyWay Internet Cafe in Rosebank, Johannesburg.
It was a free event organised and run by the MilkyWay Foundation.
Here is the original splab
we sent out.



Josh spoke to a range of topics and questions that had been prepared from submissions by the attendees.
Josh is primarily a producer and even when DJ'ing loves to make music out of music.
He prefers more personal gigs ('like here') than massive clubs or festivals.

He finished with an explanation and demonstration of Final Scratch (review here)
He travels with this tiny Sony Vaio notebook which he uses during his DJ sets,
currently with 890 of his tunes stored in there in mp3 format.
He also uses a sampler when DJ'ing that samples and plays out on the beat.
It's a Red Sounds C-loops sampler which makes "DJ'ing a big remix"

He grew up with Philly disco in the mid 70's and neo soul
Chicago acid house '88 was a noted influence
He is no stranger to Detroit techno as well
Jeff Mills and Richie Hawtin were favorably mentioned.

Josh is very aware of the issues of music piracy
since it has effected sales of his own tracks lately on Ovum
however he embraces the convenience of compressed digital formats such as mp3's.
Most of the tracks he uses on FS have been ripped from his own vinyl.

Although tradtionally 'a mac guy' he finds FS on PC hardware easy to use
(although it does not run under Windoze but a version of Linux)
In his studio he uses a collection of classic analog synths and equipment
as well as digital PC apps like Cubase VST and MasterTrack
music is now in the hands of everyone' he concluded.


After the workshop, Josh did the honours
and chatted with everyone - in fact he was one of the last to leave!

If only all DJ's were made this way.


Thanks to Josh Wink, Jackie & AE Productions and everyone else concerned for making this dream come true.

All pics copyright SpinOut 2003



A non-profit outreach project of the MIlkyWay Fondation sponsored by

  The Milkyway Internet Cafe