The SpinOut Mission
Summer 2002

SpinOut is a project of the MilkyWay Foundation, a non-profit organisation funded by PCB Technologies (Pty) Ltd. The aims and objectives of the SpinOut project are to:

-Nurture and facilitate DJ talent and skills;
-Provide a venue for DJ's to play and explore the music that they generally cannot play in a commercial environment;
-Provide opportunities for DJ's to gain exposure to new music technology and access to equipment they would otherwise not have access to;
-Provide a means of introducing the punters to different styles of music, both at live SpinOut sessions and via recorded sets as well productions from time to time;
-Promote the positive spirit of dance culture in general, and provide a safe and secure venue for youth to enjoy music and dance;
-Build bridges between different cultures through music;
-Link in the promotion of cosmological Darwinian awareness via public astronomy and information & space technology, as well as demystify science where possible;
-Promote a culture of volunteerism;

-Attempt to do all the above with no commercial agenda, and above all with honesty and integrity;
-Add positive value to the lives of the SpinOut crew members and everyone associated with us.



A non-profit outreach project of the MIlkyWay Fondation sponsored by

  The Milkyway Internet Cafe