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22nd April 2005
Lady Lea DJ Workshop

10th May

Drum'n'Bass workshop with DJP

2nd April

Updated the Links and More About page, added the DJ Clinic page

25th March 2004
Pics from the MIDI Workshop with Jeff Fletcher

1st March

Pics & story from the Brett Jackosn DJ workshop

17th February 2004
Selected BBC Radio links

16th April 2003
We Love The Underground
read why here

15th January 2003
Shiny Crystal Balls, a preview of 2003

11th January 2003
Josh Wink pics and review

30th October 2002
Added Final Scratched Review

23rd October 2002
Added PK's Prog House set recorded on the 11/10/2002

26th September 2002
Added Luke's Chunky House set recorded on the 13/09/2002

8th September 2002
Updated So Waz up @ Truth with another submission

21th August 2002
Added So Waz up @ Truth

15th March 2002
Added DJ Skool Round 2 Pics Gallery

7th May 2002
Added Bret Mantra and Craifg Shacid on the DJ sets

23rd March 2002
Added DJ Skool Round 1 l Pic Gallery

10th March 2002
Added SpinOut mbk DJ Skool page

25th February 2002
Added Gremlin's Psy Trance on the DJ sets

5th February 2002
Added the on-line application form for the SpinOut DJ Skool

1st February 2002
Announced the SpinOut DJ Skool - put up the Press Release

25th January 2002
Added Brian Banshee's DJ set

28th November 2001
Added results of 2001 DJ & Party Poll

7th November 2001
Added Global Grooves story

3rd October 2001
Added Matr-X DJ set, H20 Event Review

27th August 2001
Added Mugz & friends on the Gallery

18th August 2001
Updated web links with netcasts

18th July 2001
Added Technology Reviews and Riovolt mp3 player review

16th July 2001
Added Starspine's trance set

7th June 2001
Added Bladge's Luna set

14th May 2001
Added Gavin's techno set

10th May 2001
Added PC Music Workshop pics and Kim made the Scenes

2nd May 2001
Updated Gauteng Events page

28th February 2001
Updated Gauteng Events page , March line-up for Luna, added Thulani and lime records sets

2nd February 2001
Updated Gauteng Events page

29th January 2001
Added Gauteng Events page, updated links and re-layed out the home page.

5 December 2000
Added DJ sets: Carl (Groove), Jean (Progressive Trance), Sonic (Progressive Trance), Reble Prince (Regga), Ricky (Drum'n'Bass), Jikajesz (hip hop), Binary Dredd (genre unlimited), Bladge (Progressive Trance), C5 (Funky House), Boogeyman (Funky House), Trev the Dev (Funky House)

4 October 2000
Added DJ sets: C5, Boogeyman & C5, Boogeyman, C5 & Trevor (Funky House), Gareth and Skye (Hard House)

6 September 2000
Added DJ sets: Speedy and D-Frost (Uplifting & Deep Trance)
here for some pics

28 August 2000
Added DJ sets: Rob O'K (Techno)

24 July 2000
Added DJ sets: Bladge (Deep Trance) and Tink (Uplifting Hard House)




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