We Love the Underground

So where is the Gauteng Underground? No, it's not that much-needed suburban mass transport system I am talking about, it's the local underground party scene. The thing is, as that metaphor aptly describes, is that because it's ‘underground' it's invisible so you can't really say what it is. You can only describe the symptoms of its manifestation. A bit like Love really.

There are those that deny an Underground scene exists at all. Perhaps for those that never bother to scratch below the surface of mediocrity in society, that might be true. But for many others, mention The Underground and eyes glaze, sighs emerge, smirks and smiles abound. You see, it's a feeling that has to be experienced.

Let's try by saying what the underground isn't. It's not about money, although many underground events are commercial successes. It's not about individual gain, it's about love and sharing for the common good. It's not about trends, here today and not tomorrow, it's about like-minded people with a taste for adventure getting together for something different. It's not about individual ego's, it's a coming together of equals. It's not about sponsors raising brand-name profiles, it's about making the dreams of a few visionaries come true for the benefit of all. It's not about norms, or doing predictable things, it's about making a difference and offering something new. It's not predictable or even marketable it's spontaneous and often hard to find. It's not elitist, all who care to take that walk to freedom are welcome. It's not about a particular music genre either - house, drum'n'bass, breaks, trance, all beats are welcome. Lastly, it's not always successful, but true purveyors of the underground will take it in their stride and take it as it comes.

When it all comes together for that party, there's nothing like that feeling which will never leave you - let's hope we meet at the next one!

The SpinOut Crew
April 2003




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