So wazup @ Truth?


There is a dance club in Midrand, Gauteng which what most punters around here regard as the best club West of 3-30. It's called Truth and it's located in the what some readers will remember from former days as the ‘Snake Park'. There are several good points about this place which has resulted in it becoming the GP clubbing success story. For some of us, the most fundamental aspect of the clubs success is it's progressive music policy. That means many of our talented local DJ's have had been able to get slots there (and even become residents) based on merit, which we must say bucks the trend for clubland up here. And they have had the space to develop their own styles, even a regular following. It's also a funky place. Its has two large indoor dance areas, a great outdoor dance floor where many of us have danced the night away under the stars, an exotic upstairs area, many bars and adequate toilets. It's easy to get to and there is safe parking. Its also been ground breaking for club here in that outside promoters can host parties there and we have enjoyed some top nights there like the 3-30 parties and international guests such as Steve Lawler. It was all going so well until when we heard reports recently of guys being turned away at the door on racial grounds. So we put cyber-feelers out and got the some feedback (names have been withheld):

"With regard to the TRUTH club not letting in any persons not meeting the racial criteria, I speak from first hand experience. I went to this club on many occasions way back. I recently went this club and tried to get in, but when I got to the door I was refused entry because of the colour of my skin and that I don't have a girl with me. What crap is this? I feel this is such an outrage, Truth to me is one of the best clubs in SA and for the owners to make crap like this. What can be done about this, maybe you guys can help? I mean, just what the hell did I do to get crap like this when I go to Truth. This really sucks and makes me furious."

Here's another:

"One of my colleagues went to his first rave event, the Sonique party, a week ago. He was blown away and asked whether he could go partying with me and my mates to Truth on Saturday night. Sure thing babe - only a pleasure. So we arrive at Truth on Saturday, me, my boyfriend and colleague, and the Troll at the door tells us we can't go in because it's 'couples only' What the f*ck? News to me. But I immediately knew what the problem was. Although all three of us were mature, sober and reasonably well dressed, my colleague is Indian. So I told the Troll that he was my partner but he didn't want to know. Absolutely no way were we going to get in. So we stood aside to call the other group of friends who were joining us (including two coloured men and another Indian man) that there was a problem - in the meantime seeing plenty of other white non-couples being cheerfully shown into the club.

So Truth has a racist door policy - Indian men are only allowed in if they have a (presumably dark skinned) partner? It left a very bitter taste in my mouth, my colleague was incredibly embarrassed, as was I. I later heard from friends that Indian men have been causing problems at Truth by 'hitting on white chicks', hence the strict door policy. Hmmmmm. Nasty, very very nasty.

I'd be really grateful if you could take up this issue with the people at Truth, it really put a dampener on the evening, and one would think we had moved beyond this type of crap years and years ago. It's totally unacceptable and I won't go to Truth again."

And there's more:

"hey wassup, and much respect to the Spinout crew. To get serious for a minute, the racism @ Truth issue.. this is a very real thing, and I've experienced it personally on several occasions.. (by the way, its not cuz I iz an injun, or puerto rican, or a batty boy or nuffing like dat.. its cuz I iz black! das right, me black and proud, but i bin getting mad stress at the door of Truth a couple of times.. last year December, at the Truth birthday party some friends of mine got flak at the door.. the bouncer was saying they looked young even though he was letting little white schoolgirls thru (who were irritating the hell out of me, coming up asking me to buy 'em drinks or drugs or shite).. my friends and I are all 20 or over, and it was irritating that we were the only people getting the hassle at the door.. (some of my friends are white and indian, and they got in earlier without any trouble at all, not even a question about ID, or even being searched, for k@k steaks!!! we eventually got in when I went to the manager to complain, and he came out and saw that no-one could possibly be under-age once he'd seen us.. on several other occasions I got similar hassles, once a friend and myself (a white guy), were bounced because the bouncer said they don't allow gays into the club...???? we were 2 mates going 2 meet friends inside, but even if we were a couple, what kind of f*ck%d up mentality is that?? since when aren't gay people allowed in?? that issue of guys having to come in with a girl is only brought up when the bouncers don't want to let certain people in, and it is a practise that is starting to give the club a bad reputation.."

"I've been frequenting the club since last year March and I go out to have a good time and listen to funky choonz, not to get flak from bouncers. the problem at Truth is definitely the bouncers, most of them are on some power-trip bcos they can bounce people and do so randomly. I still love the club, but the bouncer issue has been there for a long time ... I used to talk about the place so much that now almost all of my friends have gone to see the club for themselves, and quite a few of them still go regularly... the ones who don't go anymore are the ones who got pissed off the times we had trouble at the door, and since then have vowed never to go again bcos they don't put up with racism, or even some white people who can't put up with the other shite the bouncers like to start with... this is a free country where we are paying to go in2 the club, the bouncers are not doing us letting us in, we pay our damn way in and should be treated the same as all other entrance-paying clubbers.."

Of course there is at least 2 sides to every story, and a female clubber wrote in to say:

"I can understand why the Indian guys without girls were not allowed to enter as they are always harassing other woman. I often have the problem where the Indian guys won't leave me alone (I always go with my boyfriend) even though I tell them that I am in a relationship and not interested. They paw you every second they think they can get away with it. It happens often that we then rather go home or elsewhere. However, I must admit that this problem is everywhere."

But another tale of woe:

Regarding the sh*te happening at Truth, I haven't been to the club in a long while so I haven't experience racial rejection (being an Indian-type dude), but I have been turned away from other clubs. On principle, I never
return to a club that has a discrimination policy (of any kind, be it racial, homosexual, whatever!!).

But, regardless, this message is aimed more at the reasons proposed for this, er, restriction. There are always gonna be dodgy guys trying to pick up women at clubs, and there are always gonna be idiots who don't
understand the concept of rejection, but this is not a race thing. I've come across many of these types of men belonging to many different races. Fair enough, I know there are exceptionally dodgy Indians who do
the gang thing and just about thrive on causing trouble (Hell, I'm related to some of 'em), but that doesn't mean all Indians (or any other race) are that way inclined.

Bouncers/Doormen should use their discretion (if it is within their capabilities) to size patrons up on a per person basis..... Obviously if the guy (or gal) looks like a potential trouble maker, fair enough, don't let them in (Viva R.O.A.R!), but for the sake of the gods, don't determine this from someone's complexion!

Many club goers conform to the PLUR concept.......I'd expect the clubs should too.

........just another thought from the DippedDarky

Tricky situation you must all agree. So whats the solution? What can be done?
Here's something you can do: don't let it happen! Otherwise, let us know your thoughts or your experiences.

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August 21, 2002


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